Some Apps That Aid Real Estate Investment

Applying scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life has impacted several industries, including real estate. The year 2000 marked the introduction of IDX feeds on real estate websites. As a result of this innovation, realtors could publish listings on MLS. Google Maps has also helped refine the real estate industry since 2005. In 2009, phone applications that aid real estate investment became more popular. Real estate applications simplify the process involved in real estate investment, making the industry pretty attractive.

These apps contain databases with millions of properties and help real estate agents and brokers market their skills. First, Bigger Pockets is a real estate mobile application with several educational resources such as podcasts, blogs, and e-books. Having a friendly user interface, one can effortlessly learn about purchasing a home and increasing its value. Bigger Pockets also educates users on the steps involved in working on properties to obtain a good ROI.

For commercial real estate investors, LoopNet is the most suitable application. It displays multi-unit residential and commercial property listings based on their market region. These listings entail high-resolution pictures, videos, and street views to show properties. LoopNet allows investors to search for houses outside their neighborhood by changing the location settings. LoopNet is accessible on iOS and Android devices.

Xome is a mobile application that draws local property listings from the National real estate data. As a result, buyers have access to thousands of homes in their vicinity. This app helps sellers evaluate the competition and list their properties too. Interestingly, Xome possesses a Homes Only feature that permits investors to scan through foreclosures and bank-owned properties in any area. Users have access to properties yet to be widely vacant and updates on real estate auctions on this application. In addition, Xome is accessible on Android and iOS devices.

Real estate professionals like agents and brokers use Dotloop. This mobile application enables users to create, edit and sign contracts regarding real estate. Dotloop provides a bar that helps users track their progress for each transaction. It has an enormous storage capacity. Consequently, users can store records lasting up to seven years. So, Dotloop is a suitable option for any investor who needs coordination. This app gives users a free version to review before payment. Dotloop is also accessible on iOS and Android devices.

If investors wish to redesign their homes, Houzz is the most suitable app. Since 2009, this app has provided potential investors with over nine million interior design decoration options. Lately, the developers have included a real estate agent category in the app’s directory. This section provides agents the opportunity to list themselves with a free profile. Houzz is exclusively operational on iOS devices.

CrowdStreet is an app that helps pair accredited investors with screened project developers. Users may select any property to invest in. And the minimum investment depends on each investment opportunity. CrowdStreet is available on iOS and Android devices. To invest in parcels of farmlands, AcreTrader is advisable. This application supplies the user with at most three options to select from. One can view photos, documents, and possible financials before investing.

Investors who like multi-family properties may use ArborCrowd, which aids multi-family home investment. This app has operated in Brooklyn, Miami, and Florida markets. ArborCrowd evaluates potential risks for each asset, helping investors make a suitable choice.



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